Restaurants and Retail

Painting is one of the easiest and least expensive decorating tools there is! Bright colors, bold contrasts and exciting artwork can really spice up your restaurant or retail space- be it a custom mural, stencil pattern or hand-painted lettering or logo. A faux finish or texture can save you thousands on more costly materials- such as marble, wood, plaster, tile or metal. A stunning focal point can really set the tone for your entire business- and it can all be achieved through painting!

“Amy is not only an amazing artist but a lovely person to be surrounded by as well. She’s extremely professional, easy to work with and has extremely creative visions. She helped us transform our restaurant from a plain cold vibe (with stark white walls) to a homey vibe bringing our theme to life! She worked with everything we needed and every idea we wanted. She gave her honest advice when walking through the space and brainstorming and could tell that she was being 100% truthful on her ideas rather than trying to sell us for more money. Amy was hired for one job but we ended up asking her to help with two more because she did such an amazing job. I highly recommend using Amy for any artwork needs, you won’t be disappointed.”

Tysons Biergarten - Tysons Corner, VA

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