Patterns, Faux Finishes, and Stripes

Murals aren’t the only options that can give a wall that ‘WOW!’ factor. Faux finishes such as marble, wood and plaster can ramp up the luxurious feel of a room without the costly materials. Faux simply means ‘fake.’ I’ve even painted walls to look like shiplap, barn wood, and tile.

In addition to textures, I’m a huge fan of painted stripes- always elegant and timeless. Whether you go with pins stripes, wide stripes or tone-on-tone, painted stripes provide a gorgeous backdrop for your home or office. Lastly, the modern, laser-cut stencil is not to be overlooked. Stencils offer an endless array of colors and patterns that you can’t find with wallpaper- but no one will know the difference but you!

“Amy is capable of doing anything with a paint brush. I found her years ago online as I was looking for someone who could create residential murals or do textured paints for a new home purchase. I have hired her now for at least 4 separate projects, each one more complex than the last, and she has always come through. I will 100% be using her many times again going forward.”

Brittany - Vienna, VA

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